Prairies and Pavements

Images and Stories from the Marti and Roberts Families

Welcome to Prairies and Pavements

Folks, welcome to the website devoted to the stories of the Marti and Roberts families. It's just starting out, and will be rough for a long time, but ultimately we hope it will be a central place where family members, geneologists, and historians can visit for pictures and narrative about these two clans.

We're beginning with photographs. Because families spread out infinitely from single starting points, it can be puzzling about how to organize them. For the moment, we've decided to to do it by household. For pictures of members of the household of Frederick Marti or Mary Kendall Green, look for their names for pictures as an adult, or for their parent's names for pictures of them as children in their parent's household. For pictures of them visiting their kid's place at Christmas, look for the names of the children. And so on. If a family member lived with parents as an adult, look for adult pictures of them with their parents.

We'll adjust things as we go.

We want copies of your family photographs to put up here.

When you visit a photo album, you should be able to make comments on the photos. Please do. Sometimes we don't know anything about them, and if you can help, we'd be delighted.

Send photos you would like to see here to, if you have them in digital form. if you don't, then contact me at the same email address and we can figure something out. Old pictures can be digitized, or you can send me originals and I will copy them and send them back.

The photo on the right is "Uncle Willie, who was such a good horseman that scouts for the circus tried to hire him on."

We know nothing else about him.